Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Only In Key West  has been so successful that I have decided to make a series of Key West centered on the characters and events that can only happen here.  The above book has been the first in the series  (Volume 1)  and I expect to have a total of seven more volumes making a total of eight volumes.  (Volumes 1-8) Of course if these go well, I will continue more volumes. It is possible that the number continues far past eight.

Some sample stories to expect are:

1. Merlot and Dr. Jojo open their own own Detective Agency
2. Shoyu runs for mayor and surprisingly is elected.  (The first drag queen to ever be elected mayor)
3. Nick goes into Rehab and meets a special person who could be THE ONE.
4. Norm is tapped to be King of Fantasy Fest.
5. The cartel holds Milo responsible for the arrests. Milo disappears.

I expect Volume 2 to be available in time for the Christmas holidays. Thank you to all who have bought and enjoyed Only in Key West. Your requests to hear more about Key West has convinced me to follow my fans. Thanks again.

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