Friday, March 31, 2017


I've used more editors on my new book, Only In Key West, than I did on The Gay Detective.

I found that there is a difference.  Using one gave me a clear direction and less stress, whereas, using three pointed out more
specifics and gave me migraines. 

I should point out each of the recent editors had important points and helped me develop deeper characterizations. 

I also learned that using a proofreader for the final version, who had no knowledge of the book was critical. Her fresh eyes pointed out POV problems and incorrect assumptions that we had all missed. I strongly recommend this.  

Nathan Bransford has some suggestions on editors. Check out his March 22, 2017 post, How to know if you have a good editor.

Whether you use an editor or not be sure to have beta readers or another writer who can be objective and is not afraid of being completely honest with you. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

An Evening with Deborah Crombie

Last night, I attended an evening with Deborah Crombie promoting her new book, Garden of Lamentations, a psychological mystery. She was interviewed by Lucy Burdette, known for her Key West food critic series, her new book Killer Takeout.

It was a fascinating evening and one I enjoyed thoroughly. To learn more about these authors go to